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Dance Is Self-Expression

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McCallum J. Morgan

November 27, 2023

I’ve always loved dance, but haven’t done much choreography, so this class has been really fun. Ilona starts with stretches and then some really really basic steps and then launches into choreo. It's not as daunting as I thought it would be. She’s a really kind teacher and lets you repeat as much as you need. She’s not expecting immediate perfection, but she does hope to draw out each dancer's individual best.

Ilona has been dancing for almost forty years, with experience primarily in ballet and jazz. This is her first time teaching, but you wouldn’t know it. She wanted to teach because she believes dance should be about making art—it should be dance for its own sake--the ultimate form of self expression.

This class is contemporary and lyrical dance with elements from ballet and jazz, but no experience is required. This is an adult class and students must be 18+

The first semester ends December 19. Until then, it is open enrollment and anyone can come check it out and join in for free. Donations are gladly accepted. The second semester will begin January 16th, 2024 and will be closed; you can join the January-June semester with the expectation of performing with the class in June 2024. Tuition for the 2024 semester will be $195. We want this to be accessible for everyone, and so scholarships are available through the Pearl for this class.