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Backwoods Yoga at the Pearl

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McCallum J. Morgan

October 25, 2023

“The first time I did yoga was approximately 10 years ago, and I didn't like it,” Farryn Fodge says, explaining that she later discovered there were many other styles of yoga and decided to try again to help with her mental health. She fell in love and eventually earned a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification in Hatha and Vinyasa techniques from YogaRenew. She has also taken training for children’s yoga.

The two classes she is bringing to the Pearl are Vinyasa on Tuesdays, which means ‘moving with the breath.’ These classes are generally faster paced and more challenging while still being beginner friendly. “You can expect to get your heart rate up a bit and sweat a little before winding down and relaxing in savasana.” (Savasana, if you’re new to yoga, is also known as corpse pose, total relaxation)

The Gentle Yoga classes on Sundays are more focused on relaxation, stretching, and stress relief. These classes will feature less challenging poses and spend more time on each. “You can expect to leave this class feeling calm and relaxed, maybe even ready for bed. Ultimately, it will be a great way to unwind before Monday.”

The Vinyasa classes are every Tuesday at 8:30 AM and the Gentle Yoga classes are every Sunday at 6 PM. Each class is $10 which can be paid before class with cash or with card at www.momoyoga.com

More about Farryn:

“I grew up in Bonners Ferry and after graduating from BFHS my high school sweetheart/now husband, Ethan, and I left Bonners to see what else was out there. We lived in a few different areas and eventually had our only son Nixon while living in Utah. Having a child in a town where we had no family inspired us to move closer to home and we landed in Spokane Valley. After living there for 4 years and as our son got closer to starting elementary school, we decided it was time to move home. We moved back to Bonners in 2020 and I don't think we will ever leave again. Leaving and seeing other places gave us a whole new appreciation for the little town we were raised in.”